Friday, January 22, 2010

(((The Brides of Oklahoma Magazine)))

"WHITE DOG HILL" ~ The most incredible restaurant in Western, Oklahoma. I am telling you, folks, it is a HIDDEN TREASURE. On set, I felt like I was in another country. It was very warm and rustic. So Ladies, tell your men to take you to dinner here. And Gentlemen, take your women out for a romantic evening!!

I had a three page spread in the January issue of the Brides of Oklahoma  Magazine.  This was definitely my favorite look of the three.  I adore this classic, old hollywood vibe and I loved the fact that I got to be a bride with "attitude." ;) ...The other two sets were also great. --For one, I was in the midst of a classic diner located within the Route 66 Museum and later, on an old dirt road with a classic red convertible. :)

I am the new model for the prestigious Indulge Salon and Spa Ads

"THE BRIDES OF OKLAHOMA Magazine is the ultimate resource for the Oklahoma bride. Featuring over 100 pages of REAL Oklahoma weddings, the inaugural issue of the magazine was unveiled in January 2008. From the intimate, quaint backyard wedding to the elaborate, grand affair at the finest venue, The Brides of Oklahoma provides a priceless glimpse into the weddings of other Oklahoma brides and links couples planning their Oklahoma weddings to the most prominent professionals in the industry. Literally, from front to back the magazine is filled with pictures of the products and services of vendors across the state. Need inspiration for your big day? Want a comprehensive guide to Oklahoma’s best wedding professionals? Look no further than The Brides of Oklahoma magazine. Check it out for yourself — get your copy of the magazine online now."

I had the honor of shooting with The Brides of Oklahoma Magazine on two occasions this year, as well as the Brides of North Texas Magazine.  The Brides of Oklahoma staff are some of the most wonderful people you will ever meet.  These women are truly beautiful inside and out and Oklahoma is incredibly lucky to have a Bridal Magazine with this kind of prestige. Thank you, ladies, for all of your hard work! The Brides of Oklahoma Magazine turned out amazing! Job WELL DONE. It was a  privilege to be chosen as a part of your latest issue.

Funny story... last year's Miss Oklahoma was featured in The Brides of Oklahoma Magazine, and the ladies joked with me that it was "lucky."  But low and behold, several months later, when I competed for Miss Oklahoma USA, I WON!!!! (Maybe it really IS lucky... ;)) 


~Getting my dress all fixed and prepped for the shot.~

~The talented, Aaron Snow...Check out his blog. He is fantastic!~

~It was not only extremely windy, but it was also FREEZING COLD! Sometimes in modeling, you just gotta fake it ;) ... (I was rubbing my arms for warmth in this picture and was very jealous of my groom in his long sleeves and pants... ha)~

~The sun was going down, so we needed some reflectors to bring out some extra light~

~Here, you can see the many clips I have on the back of my dress to keep it on! ...Not only that, but if you look closely, you are able to see a plastic sac underneath me as well. -We were shooting on an Oklahoma "Red Dirt Road," and needed to protect the dress as much as possible~

~There are often many moments of laughter during a shoot, especially when you work with joyful people.~

~Jeremy was a GREAT sport.  I really had fun working with him...~

Hope you enjoyed the pictures!
Blessings to everyone!
~Morgan Woolard~


  1. Hey! I actually deleted that post now, but thanks for your comment. lol Very pretty pictures! I hope you're doing well and having a great week! :)

  2. Thanks for the congratulations, Morgan! We're very, very excited! Thanks also for being willing to help with things - I appreciate that too! I did hear Sam is pregnant - congrats to your family! It'll be fun to have a little boy around, I'm sure! I hope you're doing very well and congrats on your Miss OK USA!

  3. Hey Morgan! Glad you found my blog, I didn't even realize you were blogging too. It is kind of hard to keep up with so I'm usually more of a reader than a writer ;)

    Your "wedding" pictures are so fun. I'm jealous you are getting to try on all these wedding looks without the stress of having to plan an actual wedding. ha ha.

    Good luck to you in your future Miss OK endeavors... I'm already looking forward to watching the Miss USA competition! Yay!!

  4. Hey Morgan, nice wedding shoot photos! By the way, you were my pick for the Miss USA competition. In my opinion you nailed the questions and I loved your gown. Great job. Wishing you all the best!!

  5. Dear Ms. Oklahoma,
    Watched the pageant last night in Vegas and I must tell you that after seeing 45 years of pageants on TV, your gown with the Native American style beading was the most fabulous I have ever seen! Nothing compares to it!

    Had my fingers crossed for you win. You did a GREAT job!!

    Nancy- teacher in NJ

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