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Sunday, May 23, 2010

Prelim Swimsuit Video. I am at the 7.12 mark

Top 15 swimsuit competition Live on NBC. I'm at the 5.33 mark ;)

"Journey to the Crown" I speak at the mark 48 second mark...


Runway Show. I come on at the 3.08 mark.
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Tuesday, April 13, 2010

"Welcome to Miami...Bienvenido a Miami!!!" :D

So Miami was absolutely fabulous! I got to take a "mini vacation" over Easter Weekend and spend some time on the beach with my family. :)  I hadn't been to the beach since I was about thirteen years old so it was a special trip for me on a personal level. (I've been to the Atlantic Ocean on the East Coast more recently but that doesn't count because it wasn't a "lay out" kind of beach. haha ;) ...I did however get to go whale watching and it was such a fascinating experience, regardless of it being freezing!!)

  I have always loved the ocean, infact, my name "Morgan" means "by the ocean" or "great and bright sea." With that said, it's a little sad sometimes living in Oklahoma with no beaches! haha... (But here's a fun fact for ya: Even though Oklahoma has no beaches, we do have more man-made lakes than any other state! haha) 

We have a lakefront on Lake Eufaula, here in Oklahoma, and it is considered my second home in the summertime. 

In fact, here is a painting I did from my backyard porch at the lake. :) The lighting in this picture is very poor, but you can still get an idea of the painting.

Painting is one of my favorite hobbies! 

Anyway, back to Miami.  Since we were in the area, we stopped by La Casa Hermosa and bought a few great cocktail dresses and a pair of earrings for Miss USA.  Afterward, we joined Raelee Toye and and Jordi Kolar for dinner.  Raelee was first runner up to Miss Arkansas USA 2010 this year!! ( I have a feeling next year she's going to take that crown! )

All in all, we just got to enjoy spending time together as a family, soak up some sun on the white sand, and enjoy some good food with good people!

One day, we even got to meet up with my great friend, Jorge, and his family!  His mother was thoughtful enough to make us real authentic CUBAN FOOD!!! :) It was delicious.

The last day in South Beach, my mom and I walked over to Lincoln Road for lunch.  I loved the atmosphere and the fact that there were so many people and restaurants.  (And of course, I had to stop in Haagen Dazs on the walk back to the hotel.  lol... I ordered a strange combination: A scoop of chocolate, a scoop of chocolate chip (they actually called it Vanilla chip- haha go figure?) and a scoop of strawberry.) Yummy Yum!

Lastly, I nearly missed my flight home because I was watching the last few seconds of the NCAA Basketball Championship in a TGIF at midnight. haha... O well, the important thing is, I made it home!! ;)

P.S. ~ Also worth mentioning, I met someone veryyyyy "importante" while I was in Miami ;)  I'm sorry to say that I can't share the gritty details with you, but maybe after Miss USA is all said and done I can write a "pageant girl tells all" book. haha... It sure has been a wild ride!!! 

Warmest Regards as Always, 
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A "New Addition" to the VANBROS FAMILY. ;)

Yesterday at 12:31 pm, Jen and JC Fisher welcomed their daughter, Jennnings Elena Fisher into the world. Jennings Fisher is 8 pounds 14 ounces and 19 inches long. (Jen's great grandmother's maiden name was Jennings, and of course they needed a J name) ;-)
Jen is one of those rare women who are TRULY beautiful inside and out. Jen, I could'nt be more proud of who you are not only as a director, but as a wonderful person, and an incredible mother. You are a blessing to all who know you.
Jen and JC also have two handsome sons, Jenson and Jackson.  They will be wonderful big brothers!!! (Jen is married to performer, JC Fisher, from the Texas Tenors, as seen on "America's Got Talent."

Congratulations Jen and JC on your beautiful baby girl!!! 

P.S. - We can't wait until little Jennings grows  up and becomes MISS USA 2031!!!!! ;)

Stay tuned for my trip to Miami and Kansas City #3,
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Monday, April 12, 2010

Gettin' Grilled ;)

MARCH 27-28
This blog post is a shout out to my wonderful friends Rick and Jorge for coming all the way out to Oklahoma City for the weekend and interviewing me.   I can't thank you enough for taking time out of your busy schedule to help me better prepare for Miss USA.  Not only did I improve my skills, but I got to spend time with incredible people like you in the process!!  Seeing you both before I headed off to Vegas was a true blessing. Thank you again for everything!!post signature
P.S. ~ Rick, those famous chocolate chip cookies of yours are absolutely heavenly! I think you made about three dozen and they were gone from my household within 24 hours! haha

Friday, March 26, 2010

Sherri Hill Photo Shoot

~MARCH 8-10~
What's up guys!!  Ok, so immediately after my trip to LA, I literally jetted across the country to NYC for round two!  I was incredibly blessed to be hired as a model for the world famous designer, Sherri Hill.  

BIO: Sherri Hill is a distinguished and well-known designer of prom and pageant evening wear. Her unparalleled design achievements in the pageant industry include many recent winners and contestants. Eight of the Top Ten Miss USA 2009 finishers were wearing a Sherri Hill gown including the winner, Kristen Dalton. Miss USA 2007 Rachel Smith, Miss USA 2006 Tara Conner, Miss America 2007 Lauren Nelson and Miss America 2006 Jennifer Berry were all crowned in Sherri Hill gowns. MTV Video Jockey and Total Request Live host Susie Castillo also won the Miss USA crown wearing a Sherri Hill designed evening gown. Sherri Hill designs can be found on the red carpet as well.  

I can't tell you how blessed I felt to be able to model for someone so influential within the pageant world.  Thank you, Sherri, for the opportunity!!! Your designs are incredible and it was my honor to be dressed by you.

Disclaimer #1: The pictures you see within this blog post are NOT from the Sherri Hill photo shoot. YES, they are Sherri Hill dresses, and YES they were shot by Fadil Berisha, but they are NOT the photos from the catalogue/web shoot. (Just needed to clarify that ;) )
Disclaimer #2: These pictures have NOT been edited by Fadil's studio, so I apologize for the random backgrounds/clamps haha...

 Fadil Berisha was the official photographer for the Sherri Hill shoot.  He did a phenomenal job, as always.  Fadil never does anything short of amazing.  Within the pageant world, Berisha is considered a "god" of photography. ;)

(He will also be shooting our official photos at Miss USA. --This is a photo that every contestant looks forward to...) 

BIO: Albanian born photographer, Fadil Berisha, has been living and working out of New York City for the more than 22 years. As a fashion photographer with extensive experience, he has worked with Avon, Bloomingdale's, Macy's, Nordstrom's and others for their catalogues.  His editorial work has appeared nationally and internationally in Elle, Vogue, Mademoiselle, Seventeen, People Magazine, YM and more.  Mr. Berisha has had the pleasure of working with several celebrities. To name a few...Halle Berry, Tyra Banks, Former President Bill Clinton, and Snoop Dog.  He also works  with the Miss Universe Organiation as offical photographer, shooting Miss Teen, Miss USA, and Miss Universe.  Lastly, Fadil has made numerous television network appearances on MTV, E, ABC, NBC, the WB, and CBS. (He is also now the official photographer for Rolex.)

Another exciting experience in New York City was working with the talented, Tony Dovolani. It was such an honor to be able to shoot with him!!  Anytime I would do something funny, Tony would break out in song... "OOOOOOOOOO-KLAHOMA." lol

If you are not familiar with Dovolani, Tony played a Hispanic heartthrob in Jennifer Lopez's 2004 romantic comedy, "Shall We Dance?", but he is best known for being a dance instructor on the hit show, "Dancing with the Stars."  During the seasons, Dovolani has been paired with stunning wrestling sexpot, Stacy Keibler, Sara Evans, famous country singer, and talk-show host, Leeza Gibbons.  Tony also earned an Emmy for
best choreography. 

This season, Tony was paired with Kate Gosselin.  The two made the cover of PEOPLE Magazine the week I worked with Tony! I remember shooting with him, heading to the airport afterward, and seeing his face plastered on the cover of the magazine, located on EVERY stand! haha...It was very cool. Anyway, I'm definitely looking forward to the photos. We got to do a lot of fun dance poses. :)

My weekend in NYC was a lot of fun, and I got to meet many wonderful people in the process. I even got to take a few evenings off to see my friends.  One night, I went to dinner with a friend at John's. ( John's Pizza -- One of my favorite restaurants in NYC) ...Well, to make a long story short... I ordered a meatball sub and when the waiter brought it to our table, he accidentally knocked it into my lap!!!!!! bahahaha.... Bless his sweet heart. He was completely mortified. I assured him that it was quite alright and that accidents happen, but I don't think he was able to forgive himself. The poor soul had another waiter serve our table the rest of the night because he was so embarrassed. haha... 

Also to make note,
Joining me at the photoshoot....
Nicole Johnson, Miss California USA 2010 (my roommate while in NYC) and Audrey Moore, Miss Alabama USA 2010. 
Here is a group shot with Tony after we wrapped up a long day of shooting.
Also modeling with us was Alyssa Campanella, Miss New Jersey Teen USA 2008.  
And while at the studio, I had the pleasure of  meeting Julie Citro, Miss Delaware USA 2010 as well, who was visiting in NYC. 
The lovely ladies!!! (I broke pageant rule #1 in this photo - Always be wearing your heels haha ;) )

Alrighty, that's all folks!!
Over and out,
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Thursday, March 25, 2010

*Fearlessly Me*

My second trip to Kansas City was a great one because I got to spend the whole weekend with my girls Ashley and Bethany!! (Unfortunately, Belinda and Adrielle couldn't make it :( )
Also to join us was Daryl Woods.  Daryl  is the CEO and Certified Life Coach of Fearlessly Me!, LLC in Nashville, TN.  Fearlessly Me! works to unlock your ability to find the answers within yourself, discovering your purpose and moving you toward your results. Daryl worked with us as a group, helping us to identify and resolve roadblocks, ask powerful questions, increase our interview skills, and perfect our walks. 
 (((We also had the opportunity to meet with Christina Smith while in Kansas City.  She is an official sponsor for Vanbros and offers fabulous extensions to all five states.  I also believe she is the official extensions sponor for the Dallas Cowboy Cheerleaders!)))
I can speak for Ashley and Bethany as well when I say that we all LOVED Daryl.  He is a terrific guy and had some wonderful insight, helping us to learn and grow as young women. (And he has the most gorgeous ice blue eyes as seen in his picture above!!)
(P.S. ~ I also had the pleasure of working with Daryl Woods as Miss Oklahoma Teen USA in 2006.)
When he first arrived, we did a unique exercise to "break the ice."  Daryl asked each of us to draw on a piece of paper a tattoo we might get if we were considering one, and voice where on our bodies we would get it.  Woods stated that because tattoo's are often very personal, meaningful, and purpose driven that the exercise would help him discover and better understand who each of us were as individuals.  I cannot tell you how dissimilar all three of our minds worked! One of us chose a comedic route, another a heartfelt route, and again another chose a more daring route! haha...
So we'll play a little matching game.... Who do you think drew what tattoo????
A. Ashley (Missouri) 
B. Bethany (Kansas)
C. Morgan (Oklahoma)
1. Lips to jokingly be able to say "kiss my rear"; A "Have a nice Day" tattoo with a smiley face; Or initials in beautiful lettering (On the booty)
2. A word that inspires, like "love"; anything to signify living to the fullest/defeating adversity/ or a reminder of how short life is and to take nothing for granted. (Anywhere hidden)
3. Giant Angel wings. (Across the back)
:) :) :) 
(Disclaimer: Now if anyone is quick to judge, let's keep in mind that this was more for "fun" and in a fantasy setting.  Neither Ashley, Bethany, nor I have any tattoos...)
Clearly from this experiment, we are three very different people, but the differences between us is what I love most about my sisters. :) We are all so different and diverse, yet very much alike... all at the same time!  ...Yes, we are all incredibly unique in our hobbies, likes, and dislikes, but when it all comes down to it-- we each embody an empowered woman, striving to pursue her dreams, full of ambition, discipline, and tenacity.  We are each distinct, exceptional, and one of a kind. 
These traits are what make EVERY young woman competing in the Miss USA pageant special.  The ambition within all 51 contestants is what links us together.  None of us would be here today if we did not work hard to get here. Each contestant has the drive to accomplish her goals and to dream big...
With that said, I'm wishing the absolute best to every young lady competing within the Miss USA 2010 Pageant. Regardless of your placement, as I walk in your shoes in this very moment, I am overwhelmingly proud of you and I wish you nothing but the best of success not only in this pageant, but in life.
On a side note, MY COWBOYS beat the #1 team in the BIG 12, the JAYHAWKS, while I was in Kansas City!!!  I was soooo proud of those boys for pulling the upset!  Unfortunately for me, I was not at home in Stillwater to see the game, but I did get to tease my directors, John, Jason, and Jen afterward, who are HUGE KU Basketball fans! haha ;) Love you guys!!!
Oklahoma State, Cowboys (My University!!! GO POKES!!!!) and the University of Kansas, Jay Hawks!
Sadly, during the NCAA tournament both the Cowboys and the Jay Hawks fell short of the Sweet Sixteen.  Duke ended up winning the National Championship last weekend. (Truthfully, I was pulling for the underdog, Butler! Who doesn't love a Cinderella story?) 
I learned during March Madness, that they were also holding a "Mascot Madness."  And now that March Madness has their champion, they have also chosen the #1 Mascot in the Nation!  The Doug Gottlieb Show delivered the opportunity to vote for your favorite college and pro mascots and the Nation's voice was heard.  After weeks of voting, PISTOL PETE FROM OKLAHOMA STATE UNIVERSITY took home the "CROWN" of the BEST MASCOT of all. Amazing!!! (Benny the Bull, from the Chicago Bulls came in second place) (
That's my summary of the Vanbros Bootcamp #2.
Up next, I'll be blogging about NYC Trip #2.
With love,
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Wednesday, March 24, 2010

"Houston, prepare for magic"

-FEBRUARY 19-21-

At the end of February, I headed out to Houston for a photo shoot with the fantastically talented, Benjamin Urcuyo. Ben was the official photographer for Miss Arizona USA and Miss Utah USA pageants in 2007, 2008, and 2009. He now is a free lance photographer all over the nation.

I can't tell you how much I enjoyed working with Ben and getting to know him as an artist. I have always been a very artistic person myself. --I love to write, to sing, and to paint. I just love creating things in general! Because of this, I feel Ben and I hit it off even more!!!

Benizo is not just a talented photographer, but he is also an incredible human being. It was a true pleasure having the opportunity to be shot by Ben, but I consider it an even greater pleasure to now call him a friend.

((Ben: ~ Next time we are together, we're going to find a Border's Book store, have some coffee, and chat about collectively writing a screen play. How does that sound!? :) ))

Ben is a very unique photographer because he has an edgy eye and he takes creative risks. Many photographers keep their photos safe, but Ben is not afraid to think outside of the box. I respect this trait in Benizo because I truly feel that greatness cannot be achieved without taking those risks. We took some risks with my photos, and the pictures turned out like nothing I've ever had before.
Whether you are looking for a pageant shot, a glamour shot, a fashion shot or fine art, to Benizo the intention is all the same… beauty is to be discovered, beauty is to be expressed. Ben will not only make you feel comfortable, but he will also make you feel beautiful.

I encourage all of you gorgeous young woman out there to book a shoot with Ben. It will be nothing short of incredible! You will not only walk out of the Benizo photo session with great photos, but a great friend too.  Check out his website at ;)

I also had the privilege to work with Albert Luiz from "An Albert Luiz Salon and Spa." (Top 5 Salon & Spa in Houston and the Official Salon & Day Spa of Miss Texas USA and Miss Texas Teen USA)
Brief Bio: Albert Luiz has been a licensed cosmetologist since 1986. Working on beautiful women is nothing new to Albert Luiz. He earned the position of Official Stylist to Miss USA from 1994-96. Participating in such pageants as Miss Houston USA, Miss Texas USA and Miss USA, Albert Luiz has become a most sought-after stylist. Albert's edge is his experierence in consulting, training, and preparing pageant contestants on the right cut, color and style to improve their odds of winning a title...His clients entrust him with their locks and he makes them all look their very best. Albert has created styles for celebrities such as Daisy Fuentes, Brooke Burke, Kasy Kasem and Miss Universe, Sushmita Sen. (One my my favorite Miss Universe's ever!!!)

When I arrived at the salon to meet him, we realized that he was the one who did my hair at MISS TEEN USA in 2006. How crazy is that?! Needless to say, it was great to reunite! Even more exciting, he will be an official hair dresser for MISS USA 2010!!! I cannot wait to work with him again.
(Miss Teen USA 2006 Hair by Albert Featured to the left)

To brag on Albert a little bit more, he was the winner of the 2007 U.S.A. "Creative Colorist Challenge", and a Finalist in 2008. Also, the Houston Business Journal in 2008 named his salon within the "Top 5 Salon & Day Spas".

Albert and his team continue to succeed and grow as a business. The salon offers everything from hair design, to facialists, to nail technicians, to spa treatments.  Albert Luiz also has opened a boutique, and tanning will soon be added to the mix.  (On a side note: I had my nails done at the salon and spa before the shoot, and they completely exceeded my expectations. It was honestly the best nail job I've ever had. They looked so beautiful and natural.)

If you live in the Houston area, I urge you to try out "An Alert Luiz Salon and Spa."
Locations: 3425 Highway 6 / Suite 110 / Sugar Land, TX 77478
2178 Texas Drive / Sugar Land, TX 77479
Phone: 281-565-2213 / Fax: 281-565-2412 / Email: info@aalss.comAlbert Luiz

I also had the honor of having my makeup done by the incredible Amin Kabani.  He is an employer of "An Albert Luiz Salon & Spa," as well as "Wardrobe the Boutique." He did a BEAUTIFUL job as you can see in my pictures!! Thanks Amin!!

Along with my team of stylists, was the amazing, Ephraim Zamzow-Danforth. He helped us pick out the killer outfits and accessories inside "Wardrobe the Boutique." The boutique offers everything from full Service Bridal , Gala, and Pageant Collection, along with all types of edgy clothing pieces, shoes, and jewlery. (Ephraim is the store director of the boutique located in sugarland, TX

All in all, I was very BLESSED to work with such a great team of experts! These guys really are amazing, and I'm not just saying that. Thank you Ben, Albert, Amin, and Ephraim for making my trip so memorable. Thank you for the laughs and all of the good times you contributed to! I left with some authentically new friends within each of you!! I wish nothing but the best of success to you all. all of our surprise, we didn't finish shooting until 12:30 a.m.!!!! The entire team was so exhausted. Afterward, my mom and I drove around in search for some food and eventually found an IHOP. I ordered chocolate chip pancakes and french toast!! haha (Why not have both?! - If you read my blog, you can see a reoccurring theme... I LOOOOVE good food ;) )


To conclude my blog, I also had te opportunity to briefly meet  two other great people.  I spent an hour with Nicole O'Brian, Miss Texas Teen USA 2000, and Miss Texas USA 2003.  In 2004, she competed on The Amazing Race 5 with her then-boyfriend Brandon, and today O'Brian is a pageant consultant.
(Bee Your Best, Inc. Pageant Training/Coaching Nicole O'Brian ~281-910-9188)

I also spent an hour with Arnold Vasquez, founder of Soldiers of Fitness.  He was the official trainer for Miss Texas USA 2008, Crystle Stewart, who went on to win Miss USA.  Arnold specializes in showing his girls exercises they can do at home or in their hotel rooms.  If you're interested in training with Vasquez, call him at (713) 302-8638.

(I also got to meet Kelli Harral, Miss Texas Teen USA 2009. She is a total doll!!)

Thank you everyone for a very successful trip to Houston!

God bless,

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