Sunday, December 27, 2009

Miss Kansas USA 2010

December 19 & 20, 2009

My mother and I hit the road for Lawrence, Kansas a few weeks ago and attended the Miss Kansas USA 2010 Pageant. We arrived on Saturday evening for the Preliminary Show and left early Monday morning after the Coronation Show the night before.

On Sunday afternoon, I headed over to the theater to see the ladies during rehearsals, wish them all good luck, and offer some encouraging words. Afterward, I participated in an interview with an NBC camera crew associated with the Miss USA/Universe Organization. They were doing an “On the Road To…” segment and many of the Kansas USA contestants were able to be involved.

Following the interview, my mother and I headed down to Massachusetts Street, where we discovered an array of intriguing shops and fun places to dine. We chose to eat at a little restaurant called “noodles.” Considering that we were walking around in the freezing cold all afternoon, the chicken noodle soup I ordered really hit the spot!

Before leaving Lawrence, we were put on a mission to find KU gear for the family back in Oklahoma. (My older sisters, along with their husbands, are HUGE JayHawk Fans) Samantha, my oldest sister, has a two-year-old named Faith, and is pregnant with her second child. (We call him “Jr.” because they haven’t named him yet ;) ) Her ONLY request was that we come home with KU outfits for her, for Faith, and for the baby. Haha... Mission Accomplished!!! ;)

Here's a picture of Faith in some of her KU gear with her puppy "Jay." (Short for "JayHawk," of course!)

Later, we headed back to the hotel to prepare for the big show! Immediately after arriving at the Leid Center, I met my “pageant sister,” Ashley Strohmier, Miss Missouri USA 2010. She is awesome. We clicked instantly and it made me even more ecstatic about the upcoming year. Turns out, we have many things in common. To name a few: We were both the swimsuit winners in our state pageants, we are both total “Grammar Geeks” and “Word Nerds,” we both love God and country, and here’s the kicker— I turn 21 on March 11th, and she turns 21 on March 12th! –I’m feeling a joint birthday comin’ on ;) I really enjoyed meeting Ashley. She was a delight and kept me laughing the whole night.

As far as the pageant itself goes, the young women looked phenomenal and I was so proud of all of them. As many of you know, a friend of mine, Bethany Gerber, competed for the title of Miss Kansas USA and WON the title!!!! I told Bethany in the Spring of 09 how she needed to compete for Miss Kansas USA and here we are together, almost a year later, both state titleholders and “Vanbros sisters.” Vanbros has some lovely ladies on their hands this year and I think it’s safe to say that we are all looking forward to Miss USA in April.

Bethany attends the University of Oklahoma and I attend Oklahoma State University. We met and became friends due to her older brother and my boyfriend being best friends. The boys have been roommates for years and both play basketball for the University of Oklahoma. Bethany and I always enjoy going to basketball games together. In fact, we were at the OU vs. UTEP basketball game at the Oklahoma City Ford Center the DAY AFTER she won her title! :) (12/21/09)  She was still on cloud nine as you can imagine! ;) Bethany and I can hardly believe that we will be sharing this life changing experience together as we venture off to Vegas in the spring. We couldn’t be happier for each other and look forward to all of the memories we will be making throughout the year!

Viva Las Vegas! Look out Trump, here come the MIDWEST GIRLS!!!! ;)

Congrats again to both of our stunning new title holders, Bethany Gerber, Miss Kansas USA 2010, and Olivia Harlan, Miss Kansas Teen USA 2010. I have no doubt that you both will make the state of Kansas incredibly proud!

-Morgan Woolard
Miss Oklahoma USA 2010

P.S. – A much needed side note:

I’d also like to give a "shout out" to a few other ladies who competed in the pageant this weekend:

-Trinity Wright – I met her for the first time at the Miss Oklahoma USA pageant this year and she was precious. I was really happy for her top 5 placement.
-Jaymie Stokes – I am also elated for this young lady. I actually helped judge in 2007 when she won Miss Kansas Teen USA. She looked beautiful.
-Amber Ross – Miss Ross is another young women I would like to congratulate. She was Miss Kansas Teen USA 2002. We judged together at the Vanbros 15th anniversary pageant in Lawrence three years ago. Amber has the kindest spirit and I was heartbroken when she didn’t make the 5. She was most certainly deserving.
-Lily Wu – I was completely beaming for Lily when she was called to the top 5. I couldn’t think of a more worthy young lady. She worked incredibly hard and she was extremely articulate during her onstage interview.
-Carissa Kelley – I met the former Miss Kansas Teen USA 2004 after the pageant on Sunday night. She was such an endearing young woman. Carissa shined last night and I want to congratulate her fantastic placement as 1st runner up to Miss Kansas USA 2010.

All of these girls rocked the house! Congrats Ladies! Best wishes!


  1. I LOVE that you have a blog! I will be following from now on! I'm so proud of you!

  2. Thank you for your sweet comment Morgan!! I have literally learned everything I know since winning my title, and I'll gladly share what I have learned! :) I'm so excited for you this year!!! Have fun tomorrow!

    PS Isn't Trinity Wright amazing? She was my trainer for nationals (she's on staff with Mrs. OK) and is one of the most genuine ladies I know! :)